About Us


Dexes Bespoke is a family run company with vast experience in the furniture business. We design, manufacture and fit truly bespoke furniture for residential and retail customers in Greater London, Essex, and Hertfordshire. Each project benefits from our commitment to using high quality material, cutting-edge technology and great attention to detail. Our products are designed to become part of your home and give you a great pleasure not only by its visual attractiveness, but by its usefulness.

Our Goal

As the saying goes: It is not our intention to satisfy our customers or to please our customers, but it is our intention to amaze them. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, their taste, and using our innovative approach and experience, to come up with the most practical and aesthetic solution at any given time.

Why us

As a multi-award winning company, we truly believe that providing an outstanding product and service is the way to build reputation.
Our products are a reflection of our business philosophy, who we are, what we do, how we approach things.
Whether you are looking for a fitted wardrobe, media unit, study room or other product we would be happy to hear from your ideas and provide a no obligation quote.
Take a look at some of our jobs in the Gallery section.